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Serving Nashville and the surrounding cities

Ligthing Tables and chairs

Stunning  Landscape Lighting to Accent Your Property

Owned and operated by Luiz Zotelli, Waterstone Irrigation LLC will get your property looking its best within your budget. If you're looking for that final touch to make your property really stand out, you can find several lighting options with us.

Once you've irrigated your lawn and it starts looking healthy, it will become the envy of your neighbors. Whether you're hosting a party or want an everyday lighting option, your property will be stunning with our outdoor lighting.  

High-quality fixtures

When you have lighting installed by us, you can pick from a wide variety of high-quality light fixtures and effects to accent your property.


Your yard will be stunning with the addition of our high-end and high-optic LED lights. Contact us today for more information on outdoor lighting.

Amazing lighting demos

If you're interested in outdoor lighting for your next event or for general property enhancement, contact us today for a FREE lighting demo.


If you decide to accent your property with our lighting, we'll work with your budget to find the best option for you. You'll also receive a 3-year warranty!

Contact us today for your FREE lighting demo!